Top 10 Programming Language to learn in 2024 : See now

Learning the top programming languages has become important to stay ahead in the fast-moving digital world. It depends on your goal , career ,Interest , project . The demand for skilled coders proficient in these languages remains high, offering exciting career opportunities and chances to create groundbreaking innovations. so let see the language :

10 best programming language u should learn in 2024

LIST of programming language are as follow:



3. C/C++







10. Ruby

lets start……….


It is best programming language for beginner. It is easy-to-read, easy-to-learn programming language .Python syntax is user-friendly in comparison to other languages and that increases developers’ productivity eventually. These all are the reason it is among one of the Top Programming languages.

It can be used in Web development, machine learning, automation, data science and AI.

It is free and open source. You can learn phyton free on youtube


The most popular programming language . It is versatile and used by large companies / organizations. It is open source and has high performance and top notch security.

It is used in  Android app development and for building enterprise-scale web application.

3. C/C++:

C & C++ is the  Fastest programming language and one of the top programming in entire world .

It is object oriented and used in  Game development, GUI applications, Desktop applications, and real-time mathematical simulations.

A lot of low-level stuff such as operating systems, file systems, embedded systems, and kernel development can be built using C or C++. Almost all the modern and popular languages today inherit the properties of C and C++. C++ is still used in Microsoft Windows and Google projects. Apple also uses C++ language to develop its iOS operating system.


It is one of the most favourite language among developers . It is mostly used for web devlopment . It has many frameworks . It can be used both backend and frontend work .

JavaScript is providing ultimate business solutions and that is the reason it is on the top of the list for a tech startup and for tech giant companies as well. JavaScript opens a lot of opportunities for you in the job market.

It is  object oriented language.


C# is the one of the top programming languages that is developed by Microsoft and it is still a quite popular programming language used in web development, game development (X-box, virtual reality, and Unity 3D games), and in Windows applications.

It has a comprehensive set of libraries that makes the execution and compilation of the program very fast. It uses .NET frame work.

It is object-oriented programming language.


A lot of people agree that PHP is losing its popularity day by day but we need to mention that it is still highly ranked in the market PHP is a cheap, free, and easy-to-use language. A lot of developers or freelancers are using this language for web applications.

Approx. 70-80% of websites (Ex: Facebook, Wikipedia) are still running on PHP so there is a huge demand for PHP developers in the market. Beginners can opt it because of low competition.

It is Object-Oriented Programming , Platform independent & Easy to get started for making web pages.


Kotlin was one of the best programming languages in 2024 and the popularity will definitely increase in 2025 as well. When it comes to Android app development Kotlin has become a recent choice for developers.

It can be used in both backend and frontend framework.

It is Object-oriented and cross-platform programming language , Secure and flexible & Easy to debug.


Swift programming language is developed by Apple used to develop iOS applications. As we can see ios market is day by day becoming bigger so the popularity of swift is growing with it.

It is Used in iOS applications, MacOS development, Tv iOS development, and the whole Apple ecosystem.

It is Object-oriented and cross-platform programming language, Secure and flexible ,Easy to debug, Scalable , easy to add new features ,Easy-to-read syntax & Automatic memory management prevents memory leaks.

It is Fast in comparison of Objective-C and Python.

9.Golong :

GoLang was developed by Google and it is also a simple language. This language is pretty much already popular and scaling quite a lot at the backend services.

In past years this language didn’t get much popularity but in 2024 it will be rising quite a lot.
Go language is more efficient than C++ and it provides features to write concurrent programs that are difficult in other programming languages.

It is Excellent support for multithreading & Fast and easy to learn syntax.

It is used in a Distributed System, Big data, Cloud Computing, and other large-scale or complex applications.

10. Rust:

Rust is getting popular due to its focus on  performance and safety. It is  an best choice for system-level programming and applications where performance is critical.

It is used in System programming, web assembly and performance-critical applications.


All in all, this guide will help you decide best programming languages for 2024. Each language has its own strengths and career opportunities. Each language has its own advantages and career prospects. Programming languages are important tools, and each one has its own benefits and uses. Learning a programming language can open up a lot of doors in different industries. Keep an eye on trends to make an informed decision about which languages you should learn. you can start with python and javascript .




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