TCS Launches Generative AI Aggregation Platform WisdomNext for Businesses


TCS (Tata Consultancy Services), the multinational IT services firm, has launched WisdomNext, a generative artificial intelligence (AI) aggregation platform for enterprises. The IT giant’s latest AI platform is designed to let businesses run experimentations on various generative AI platforms used to help in better adoption, cost optimisation, and expanding the usage of Large Language Models (LLMs). The company highlights that the platform will help break the hurdles that stop businesses from leveraging AI at scale. Notably, the platform has been released under the TCS AI Cloud business unit.

The WisdomNext platform is aimed to solve this challenge for enterprises by offering a way to run experiments with open-source AI models and getting real-time assessments and suggestions on how to make it more efficient.

Clients of TCS will be able to conduct real-time experiments across vendor-based platforms, internal, as well as open-source LLMs to find what suits them the best. The AI aggregation platform will not only help businesses choose the right AI models but also help simplify the design of business solutions using AI tools. Further, to lower costs, it also lets clients reuse pre-existing components, the IT giant stated.

The WisdomNext aggregation platform comes with intelligent evaluator bots. The company claims it can enable businesses to compare all the generative AI models and related technologies they use and offer actionable insights to make operations more efficient.

The platform’s native analytics will also offer cost optimisation suggestions. It will also offer best practices to ensure compliance with local regulations using in-built guardrails for centralised governance. TCS also claimed that the platform offers a personalised experience to businesses and offers portability across cloud platforms and generative AI ecosystems.

TCS’ latest offering is part of the company’s AI.Cloud business unit. Before its launch, the company tested WisdomNext with several clients. Without naming the businesses, it claimed the AI aggregation platform helped a US-based advertising company build a system to fast-track sales with real-time inventory availability and quote generation with map integration. It also claimed to improve the productivity and efficiency of a US-based insurance provider and enhance customer experience through a smart mortgage assistant for a UK bank. The TCS AI WisdomNext is available to businesses globally.



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