Stable Audio Open Released by Stability AI as an Open-Source Text-to-Audio Generator


Stability AI has released an open-source artificial intelligence (AI) model . This innovative model helps users to generate up to 47 seconds of high-quality audio sample and sound effects. Users can use it to create samples of musical instruments or ambient sounds. The AI model also allows users to generate different variations and styles of sample. The open-source model is separate from the AI firm’s Stable Audio platform .

Stable Audio Open use :

It works similarly to many available AI models . Users can write a text prompt for a sample or sound effect and it will generate up to 47 seconds of audio. It was released in open source to empower sound designers, musicians, and creative communities.

It has limited the use of Stable Audio Open to research and non-commercial usage. To get commercial rights, users will have to purchase a Stability AI membership.
In terms of features, it can generate drum beats, instrument riffs, ambient sounds, foley recordings and other audio samples. Further, users can also fine-tune the model using their custom audio data.

To train Stable Audio Open, the company used a dataset of 4,86,492 audio recordings sourced from FreeSound and Free Music Archive. The audio is copyright free .Stability AI also said that the dataset lacks diversity and all cultures were not equally represented. As a result, the generated samples will reflect biases from the training data. To access the AI model, users can go to the company’s Hugging Face listing, where the open model weights are currently hosted.


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