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OpenAI has released the desktop app of its artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT for macOS on Tuesday. App is available in both Paid and free version. The company was slowly rolling out the app to ChatGPT Plus used for the last few weeks, but now it has opened it for all users. The macOS app also comes with Voice Mode support.

In a post on X (formerly known as Twitter), the official account of OpenAI posted about the availability of the ChatGPT for Mac app. The app brings all the functionalities of its web client while offering a more optimised experience and additional on-device features like the chatbot can be instantly launched by tapping the Options + Space keys together.

Unique features of the dedicated app is the capability of quickly taking a screenshot of the entire or part of a screen and loading it directly in the app to ask questions about it. On any screen, the user can launch the app with the keyboard shortcut, and then click the paperclip icon. It will open a menu where users can tap on Take Screenshot and select the part of the screen. OpenAI says this feature can be accessed on any screen.

Users can also upload files and photos. The AI can process them using computer vision and answer any queries regarding them. For instance, users can post a picture of a bird and ask about its species. Further, Voice Mode, the feature that lets users speak to the AI and get verbal responses, has also been added to ChatGPT’s macOS app.

The ChatGPT app also gets some of the useful features on the web version. Users can check older conversations in a side panel that opens on the left margin. The Memory feature which remembers certain information about the user has also been added. OpenAI has stated that GPT-4o access will soon be added to the app. Openai mac ai chatgpt


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