Gemini clock Extension on Android Now Ai can set Time , alarm and Remainder

Gemini Clock Tool Extension on Android Will Reportedly Let the AI Chatbot Set Alarms and Timers

Gemini on Android  soon be able to perform more tasks, as per a report. The AI chatbot was added to Android smartphones can perform several tasks such as answering queries, looking up queries on the internet, and writing essays and messages. However, the chatbot switches the functionality to Google Assistant when it comes to device-integrated tasks such as checking reminders, setting up an alarm, or sending a message. That might not be the case for long, as a report claims Gemini will soon be able to set alarms and timers independently.

According to a report by Android Authority, Gemini might get a new Clock Tool extension that will allow it to set alarms and timers only for android smartphones.

In a screenshot shared by the publication, a Clock Tool extension could be seen in the list of  extensions.  In the screenshot, this action prompts the AI chatbot to display a message that says, “Gemini is taking over from Google Assistant to handle some actions through Extensions.” The Clock Tool then performs the task.

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New extension will join the existing Gemini extensions on Android such as Google Flights, Google Hotels, Google Maps, Workspace, YouTube, and YouTube Music. Additionally, the report also found a new setting that will allow users to access the AI chatbot while the device is locked. This feature was earlier reported, but now a screenshot of the setting has also appeared.

With the lock screen capability, users will be able to use Gemini on the go and either have a conversation or ask it a quick question. All the extension features can also be accessed on the lock screen. The report claims that Gemini might not be able to perform tasks that require adding credentials or accessing private data.

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