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Today , Video content is a necessity for businesses and content creators. More than 80% of online traffic is video traffic and people love the content more than reading blogs. Online publishers rely on social networks to reach audiences, and video content provides more organic reach than other types. But video content is very costly to produce and very time consuming .

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing this outlook, making it easier than ever to generate video. At the same time, it has never been more accessible to create video content with the wide range of AI video generators available.

Here are the list of products :


Pictory helps u to make and edit high Quality video without any editing skill. You can make your script into a engaging video .It’s simple to use and takes just minutes before delivering professional results that help you grow your audience and build your brand. Pictory is that you can create shareable video highlight reels, which proves useful for those looking to create trailers or share short clips on social media.

some more features:

*Video based on articles or scripts

*Edit videos using text

*Create shareable video highlight reels

*Automatically caption and summarize videos


Hygen help creator to produce video with high quality video with using text within a minute . It also allow to  Record & upload your real voice to create a personalized Avatar, or simply type in the text that you want. There’s a wide range of voices with over 300+ to choose from.

Here are the features:

*Pick or upload your favorite music to add that final touch.

*Choose from 300+ voices in 40+ popular languages.

*Make face swap videos and photos.

*Custom Avatar with your own voice by uploading recordings.

*Power text to video.


Synthesys aims to help you enhance your video content, An expert in explainer videos and product tutorials videos. It offers 69 real “Humatars” and a voicebank of 254 unique styles with 140+ language.

Key features:

*69 real Humatars

*140+ languages and 254 unique styles

*Excellent tool for explainer videos, eLearning, social media, and product descriptions

*Easy-to-use interface

4.Based labs:

New image2video AI animation tool Based Labs AI!! AI animation for production quality. BasedLabs revolutionizes video generation, turning static images into vibrant videos .

It’s designed for creators, influencers, and businesses, offering some AI Video Generating tools Like: Selfie Generator, Image Extender, faceswap and Upscaler.

Key features are as follow:

*BasedLabs turns images into videos with AI technology.

*Ideal for creators, influencers, and businesses.

*Features include AI Video, Faceswap, and Image Upscaler tools.

*Quickly enhances social media and marketing content.

*Fosters a collaborative community for creatives.


Colossyan is among the first companies building tools to enable video production with the help of AI and machine learning algorithms.This video generator enables you to choose from a diverse range of avatars and provide the avatar with a script. With 120+ language.

*Pick from our selection of commercially available synthetic AI presenters to connect with your audience.

*Add Subtitles to your AI videos.

*Personalize videos with different accents.

*Enhance video messages through screen recordings.

*Automated Translation.


Visit us:gamicaltech.com


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