YouTube Music Could Reportedly Get an AI-Powered ‘Ask for Music’ Feature

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Youtube Music can soon get a new artificial intelligence (AI) feature, as per a new report.The feature, reportedly dubbed ‘Ask for Music’, might use a generative AI chatbot enabling users to look for results using conversational language. It is said to be found within the strings of code of a recent version of the Android app.

According to a report by Android Authority, the information relating to the AI feature was spotted in the YouTube Music app for Android version 7.06.53 . Several strings of code hinted at a new Ask for Music feature. It was also highlighted to be an experimental AI feature.

Ask for Music was reportedly described as both the title of the feature as well as the prompt for the feature. This could mean when the feature is accessed, users will see those words first on the screen. Another string of code reportedly revealed a disclaimer which stated, “AI-generated responses are experimental. Quality and accuracy may vary. Please don’t enter confidential or personal information regarding yourself or others.” Additionally, a submit button was also mentioned.

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It is difficult to gauge the functionality of the feature just based on these details. However, the mention of AI-generated responses and the word prompt likely means that it will be a chatbot-like feature where users can run queries about songs, artists, and albums with conversational prompts. The AI bot might share information as well as links to songs and albums.

Notably, YouTube Music only has a couple of AI-based features. One of them is the new audio-based search which can be accessed using the waveform icon located on the top-right corner of the screen. Another is the AI-generated playlist cover that can generate images for playlists created by users. This feature, if it arrives, would be the first full-fledged AI feature for the platform.

However, it should be noted that apps are often released with code about features which are months away in the roadmap or even have been scrapped entirely. Sometimes developers miss removing the code from the app, and they show up in teardowns. As such, it is too early to say whether Ask for Music will be turned into a feature or not.

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