Pivot Robots raises Funding led by NuVentures.

Pivot robot nuventures

AI startup Pivot Robots has raised funds from early-stage investor NuVentures . The amount was not disclosed .The startup was a part of Y Combinator’s 2024 cohort.

Pivot Robots uses AI vision control software to automate industrial robots, and with it the startup has an immediate purpose of addressing the labour shortage in manufacturing in the US. Its first product is designed to address the task of grinding metal parts.

The Ai startup vision control software significantly advances traditional robotic automation by enabling industrial robots to adapt to changing conditions.

Founded in 2023 by Siddharth Girdhar and Vignesh Rajmohan, Pivot Robots uses artificial intelligence to power automation in the manufacturing sector. The duo had earlier worked with AI and robotics teams at companies such as Meta, Google and Uber.

A statement given by siddharth is that“We are excited to partner with NuVentures because they provide us with support in finding customers and talent across both US and India, which are both manufacturing hubs,”



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